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When I decided I was going to try a sex toy dildo and started doing a little shopping I was overwhelmed at the choices. After a good deal of thought I asked myself what kind of material do I want my dildo made from and then what do I want to do with it. I decided pretty quickly of the shape but I was amazed at the sizes and that took a bit of thought. The choice of color was not such a problem, so what Iím trying to say, when choosing a dildo try these three steps. #1 The dildo material that will work for me, #2 What I want to do with my dildo, #3 Then choosing a size, shape and color. When deciding on a material for your sex toy dildo think about one made from silicone. Those that are made from 100% silicone are the best quality dildos available and are highly recommended. They will be strong and durable, non porous and can be boiled in water for cleaning. I found they retain body temperature very well and are great to transmit vibrations. Those made of silicone are a great choice if you are concerned about allergies from your sex toy. The bad thing about the silicone dildos is that they are more expensive and out of reach for many of us. I wanted one so bad that I saved my extra pocket change and didnít regret having to skimp a little to get it. If you have a dildo made of silicone and you use lubricants, which is a must in my opinion, use only those that are water based. Itís strange but silicone based lubes will ruin your silicone sex toy. Now for the dildos made from jelly rubber. The nice thing about them is that they are much less expensive, available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and have a bouncy feel to them. Because they are less expensive I went this route until I was sure of the size and shape that pleases me. I will be honest and say that jelly rubber dildos are usually made of an inferior quality material and many contain a chemical that cause an allergic reaction in some people. To ease that concern I always use latex condoms with mine and golly it makes for easier cleaning of the dildo. You will most likely, as I did, want to try a dildo made of the Cyberskin material. They mimic the real feel of the human penis, having a soft outside but firm core. I realize that not everyone wants a dildo that feels like a penis, but if you want realism then Cyberskin is a nice choice. I found quickly that it has downsides, one being that it is not durable, the other is being more difficult to keep clean because it is so porous. Dildos made of this product have a tendency to tear easily and not good for harness use. Condoms can be used on these dildos but to me the whole idea is the real feel the Cyberskin offers. I use only water- based lubricants with mine. Warm soapy water is great for cleaning, let dry thoroughly and if it feels a little tacky a sprinkling of cornstarch is good. I always wrap all of my dildos ďseparatelyĒ in a clean soft cloth for storage. Iím sure you have noticed the dildos made of glass, isnít it amazing how beautiful some of them are, really true works of art, and goodness they are so easy to keep clean because they are non porous. A minute in boiling water does the trick. They are durable and will last a life time. Do check for nicks if you happen to drop yours on a hard surface. I love the intense stimulation they offer because they donít bend when inserted in the body. They work very nicely for G-spot stimulation as well. Shop for a new adult sex toy occasionally so you can have a nice variation.

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Sex Toy Care Guide
Using a sex toy care guide can save time and money by buy the best toy and caring for your sex toy lengthens their life.