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Adult Anal Sex Toy

You can find an adult anal sex toy in hundreds of variations of styles and sizes. Butt Plugs are one of the oldest anal toys and still very popular and as you shop our store you will see many sizes, types and colors, all at great prices. You'll notice some of the anal toys also have a built in vibrator for extra stimulation. Don't forget to browse our lubricant section for great values.

adult anal sex toy image Anal Luv Buds
Small in size but big in pleasure, the Anal Luv Bud is designed to please. It's made from a hygienically superior silicone that is very easy to clean. Silicone is known to be non porous and so durable that it can be boiled to kill any bacteria. The Luv Buds have a nubby surface that adds extra stimulation during your anal play. The tip of the plug is tapered for easy insertion and flares out to a maximum circumference of about 5 inches. With a flared base it helps keep these little guys from getting lost in your rectum. The base is also a sturdy suction cup for hands free excitement. If you are just starting to explore the possibilities of backdoor pleasures, this adult anal sex toy is perfect for beginners. Lube up and enjoy.

Scorpion stinger adult anal sex toy graphic Scorpion Stinger
You're going to want to get stung by this Scorpion over and over, it's a superb adult anal sex toy that is enjoyed by thousands. It has a super stretchy Cyberskin cock ring and testicle harness for longer erections and an LCD that displays 10 levels of vibration for exciting stimulation. When you feel the flexible ribbed shaft in your ass, you'll want your partner to experience the wonderful sensations as well.
anal screw sex toy image Anal Screw
If you're looking for your first adult anal sex toy, consider this one, it's great for beginners. The tapered shaft has a corkscrew tip that is .75 inch and swells to over 1.25 inches, the size gradually increases enabling you to go slow and easy to experience the pleasures of this unusual anal toy. The 3 inch handle makes it easy to grip so you can insert it one turn at a time! Make your anal adventures a pure pleasure with this corkscrew butt plug jelly satisfier!
Aquasilks Anal T Vibe image Aquasilks Anal T Vibe
Never has there been an anal sex toy that felt as smooth as this multi speed vibrator. The vibe and controller have a smooth silky coat for an easy insertion, it also has a T shaped base to prevent losing it in your rectum. You'll love the 4 speeds of vibration controlled with a newly designed soft touch buttons on the controller. Plus the vibe and controller are waterproof for fun in the shower or hot tub!
Mr. Softee Pastel Anal Plug graphic Mr. Softee Pastel Anal Plug
Mr. Softee is well known for soft and pleasurable sex toys. It's so soft and pliable it feels very comfortable when inserted anally. It's an ideal adult anal sex toy for beginners as its tapered tip is only .5 inch wide and graduates up to 1.25 inches thick. Mr. Softee comes in either pink or blue, don't forget to order plenty of water-based lube. It's best not to share your anal toys without using condoms.

Pleasure Skin Anal Plug graphic Pleasure Skin Anal Plug
The new technological materials have been used in many sex toys for a while, but not many anal toys. Now we have an anal plug that has a firm shaft inside with a softer outer skin, it has an amazing lifelike feel! You'll enjoy the tapered 4 inch long plug that's just over an inch wide at its base, it's easily inserted and you can leave it in as long as you wish. It's an adult anal sex toy that feels very nearly like a real cock.
Red Hot Penis Plug image Red Hot Penis Plug
Adult anal sex toy beginners and experienced players alike will appreciate the smooth feel of this new red butt plug. He's only 4 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. You'll really enjoy the tapered tip that's easy to insert, just use a few drops of water based lubricant. The second bulb is designed for your anus to tighten its grip to keep the butt plug inside as long as you want. When it's in your anus, you can enjoy hands free adventures with your mate or explore your own sensitive areas. Have an assortment of sex toys to keep sex new and exciting.
Red Devil Butt Plug graphic Red Devil Butt Plug
If you enjoy anal sex with a deep filling sensation, then treat your anus to this quality adult anal sex toy! It's created from a new material called "Plastisol", when you first touch it you'll be surprised how soft and slick it feels. If you are an anal sex beginner, be sure to apply plenty of water based lube before attempting to insert him. It has a 5 inch shaft and measures 1.5 inches wide and a T base to prevent it from getting lost in your rectum. Should you decide you can handle a larger butt plug, give the 7 inch Red Devil a shot. It has a shaft with tapered beads that begin at 1 inch and increases to a maximum of 3 inches at the base. Now thatíll satisfy any anal sex cravings!

Anal sex enthusiast have a wide range of anal sex toys available. If you're new to anal sex and would like to experience the pleasure that many people now enjoy, start with a smaller toy no wider that 3/4 inch. Be sure to get an anal toy with a flared base, it would be embarrassing to lose your toy in your anus, the wide base will keep you safe. Be generous with a good lube and work slowly. If you desire a larger adult anal sex toy, go to the next size and continue to enjoy all the variations of anal sexual pleasures.

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So many people believe that if a man wants to use an anal sex toy it means he's gay. That couldnít be farther from the truth. Heterosexual men can and do engage in many types of anal play, they are not gay at all. Whether homosexual or heterosexual there is nothing wrong with enjoying anal sex toy pleasure as long as it is kept safe and it's consensual. Anal play is about adults playing with each other for sensual pleasures and there's nothing unnatural about it. There are many anal sex toys on the market, sizes, shapes, materials, vibrators, colors etc. Whatever your choice, always begin using your toy very slowly. A common mistake for first time users is being too hasty and buying a toy to large. Always remember, never rush. Penetration is much easier and more pleasurable when muscles are relaxed from being aroused. Donít forget plenty of your favorite lubricant as the rectum does not produce itís own lubrication. Anal sex toys can aid in very strong orgasms. The anus is a muscle and using anal toys can strengthen your muscle. Sex toys referred to, as anal plugs or butt plugs, are designed to be inserted in the rectum or anus for sexual pleasure. They are similar to a dildo but shorter and have a flared end to prevent loss in the rectum. It is never a good idea to use a standard dildo anally as it may get stuck and require it being removed medically. Users of butt plugs include men and women of all sexual preferences. Those having anal sex should use large amounts of sexual lubricant and a slow, very gentle approach inserting and removing a butt plug. Many use condoms for hygiene and allows for the ease of disposal of any feces. It is not a good idea to share them with other people, because of the risk of HIV. A butt plug is sometimes used in other ways rather than the anus, being rotated to and from the rectum, vagina, and mouth. This is an unsanitary way to engage in sexual stimulation and should be avoided unless precautions are made. Butt plugs are available in different shapes, sizes, textures and colors, and are also made from a variety of materials, the most common being latex. Those made from silicone is a good choice, as it can be sterilized in boiling water. There are vibrating butt plugs, those that can inflate and expand, and even those that ejaculate by squirting water into the rectum. There are some adult anal sex toys that are designed for stimulation of the prostate. Use and enjoy your sex toys.