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Adult Novelty Gifts

Use adult novelty gifts to have the best party you've ever had, they are fun and inexpensive. Invite your friends over and have a gag gift for each one, you'll hear lots of side splitting laughter from your guests. For you and your mate, try a fun sex game that ultimately leads to the bedroom. It starts out being fun and turns sensuous very soon. Fun Novelty Gifts at great prices as well.

Adult Novelty Gifts image

Poker for Lovers
A great poker game for you and your mate, the rules are the same as other poker games but the chips you wager with are very different. Each chip specifically spells out what you win, you can count on it to be erotic and sexy. What would you do if she wins you as a sex slave for a period of time, you can't lose even if you've lost your chips. But wait, when you win maybe she has to get into what ever position you demand, have your way with her. If you don't know how to play poker, this game is really very simple and I promise you will love the game. It includes the card deck, fun chips, rules and how the cards rank. Get an assortment of adult novelty gifts and have fun every night!

Fun Sex Game image

The Loving Game
When you and your mate play The Loving Game it's a certainty that you both will win. You'll learn intimate things about your partner, like what she enjoys most when having sex, then it's her turn to learn about you, for example, your most secret fantasy. Just roll the die and the board does the rest by giving commands of what the player is to do. Two couples can play at one time, the board and die is included. Get into the groove of having fun with adult novelty gifts, you won't regret it, there will be plenty of laughter and bedroom fun to follow.

Bondage101 fun sex game image Bondage 101 Game
Exploit the myths of bondage sex with this fun adult game. You and your lover make a bond between yourselves and set rules as to what to or not to do. If you want to be tickled, tied up or spanked, it's all in the game. All you have to do is roll the dice and act out the naughty command on your card. You can safely explore your personal limits and fantasies with your partner in the comfort of your own home. Included in the game is a wooden paddle, blindfold, and a long silky scarf to help spice up your fantasy adventure while you explore the exotic world of playful bondage! Play by your rules and play often, adult novelty gifts are fun and add excitement to your relationship.
Sweet Surrender Game image Sweet Surrender Game
You and your mate take turns at being dominant and then a submissive partner. You'll learn to explore the pleasures your lover enjoys and vice versa. The objective is to draw cards from the dominant and submissive stack and see if you can push your limits. If you finish the game first, you get to devise and act out your own bondage fantasy. Choose from feather ticklers, a blindfold or a rubber whip (included) and find your pleasures. These adult novelty gifts are inexpensive, so have several available and keep your sex life exciting.
Sexy Housewives Game image Sexy Housewives Game
Maybe you've never thought about yourself as being kinky, this game just might unveil a new you. You're going to have a good time playing this game, it's like Russian Roulette, only for couples. The game delivers suggestions and commands that might make you blush when it gets right to the point, all you have to do is spin the wheel and pick a card from these decks: there's a deck for the wife, husband, couples and one for being kinky. Then do as the card says, random sex acts are hidden so you never know when you'll have to be kinky. There's a spinner and 4 card decks included for your intimate fun. Adult novelty gifts are great to give as a birthday present or maybe a Valentine gift. The events can be endless, just enjoy.
Romance Roulette Game image Romance Roulette Game
So you like to gamble, just like spinning a real roulette wheel, you never know what you're going to get in Romance Roulette. If you and your lover like spicy action, this is a great game for you. Spin the wheel, when the ball lands, draw a card, follow the command and the fun begins. The game includes a miniature roulette wheel, 18 cards for her, 18 cards for him, a couples card, and 2 roulette marbles. Use adult novelty gifts to spice up your relationship and have fun. This one can offer a lot of excitement.
Fantasy Romance Game image Fantasy Romance Game
This is a game that we all will love playing, there are no losers and it's simple to play. You'll end up taking off your clothes, but wait, there's more. Roll the die when it's your turn and move your playing piece, then do whatever the board indicates; choose which piece of clothing your opponent must remove, warm your hands inside her thighs, lick your lover's nipple, etc. There no telling what's coming up next, except you know it's gonna be fun. There is a game board, die, playing pieces, impulse cards and complete instructions. Adult novelty gifts like this one will make you want to play every night. Enjoy!!
Dirty Minds Game image Dirty Minds Game
Use adult novelty gifts like the Dirty Minds Game to have tons of fun with your mate and friends. It's referred to as the world's cleanest dirty game. All you have to do is answer risqué clues with the right clean answer. Wait until you play, it is so much fun, and you’ll hear unbelievable answers It’s fun to see what is going to be said next. Everything you need is included with 4 puzzle books, over 900 naughty clues, 304 clean answers, 50 game cards and 4 pencils. You will have hours of fun with your lover and friends with this game.
A great way to loosen up and relieve stress is to play a sex game with your lover, it will make you forget your troubles at work, at least for a while. These fun games generally lead to the bedroom for even more fun. Give adult novelty gifts to friends for birthdays or other occasions so they can enjoy the same pleasures.

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Whether you enjoy playing sex games with just your lover or with a group of friends, there’s no shortage of games to choose from. One of my favorites is an adult sexy poker game, the chips have little sayings on each one, you may win a chip that says your partner will be your sex slave for a certain period of time, I like that! It doesn’t matter if I have to be the sex slave or my mate is, I can’t lose on this bet. I love the intimate games that eventually lead to the bedroom for even more fun. If you host an adult party order a bunch of gag gifts that are a bit risqué, choose a gift for each specific guest and have him/her open their gifts one at a time. It may be a little embarrassing for a few but that makes it more fun to see someone’s face get red. My wife and I hosted a party for a group of 20 young married couples a short time ago, we handed out gag gifts to each and as they opened their gifts everyone in the room knew what they received. One blonde headed lady, who was a hoot anyway, got a tube of lipstick, when it was rolled up for use it was shaped like a little penis. She couldn’t wait to put her lips on it, the crowd rolled with laughter. I think that gift cost maybe $2.00, boy was it worth that. On my 50th birthday, this same crowd gave me a party, pay backs are hell. My first gift was a shower cap shaped like a large rolled up condom, it seemed to me that made me a dick head. The next present was a box of little dicks, the first was nice and firm, the next was a bit more limp and the third was almost dried up. I think they were warning me about something!! It was all caught on film so we all get to relive the event, I was the target in that episode. It would have been a hoot on American’s funniest home videos. My wife’s favorite game has a Roulette wheel, when the ball lands on a number there’s a card that matches giving instructions for some outrageous deed. It’s important to have a good time and enjoy your sexuality whether it’s with sex games, sex toys or with adult novelty gifts. Enjoy yourself and have a good time.