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Big Fat Dildos

Big fat dildos are not for the faint of heart, these big boys will stretch an anus or vagina to their limits. If you enjoy that tight feeling, we have a scary dildo that will do just that. Dildos come in many different styles, types and sizes and are created from different materials. Each gives the user a different sensation, choose from jelly rubber, latex, glass, silicone or from others made from new materials like Cyberskin, Futurotic and Ur3 for a truly lifelike feel. Sex toys made today are light years ahead of products made just a few years ago. You'll be amazed at how much pleasure and satisfaction sex toys provide.

big fat dildos image Bam Realistic Cock
You asked for big fat dildos, well they don't get much bigger than Bam's extreme manhood. This monster was cast from the super stud's own giant member! It measures a whopping 12 inches long from the suction-cup base to the tip and a hefty 2 1/2 inch thick shaft. All the details of his massive cock is shown in this oversized scary dildo, if you want extra large, here you go. Big fat dildo users everywhere will be overjoyed at the realism of this cock. Use common sense and lots of water based lubrication with this big guy and all large sex toys. Enjoy!!

Tera Patrick's Big One image Tera Patrick's Big One
Designed and created for Tera Patrick, obviously she enjoys big fat dildos like the one named for her. This big dildo provides big pleasure with 8 inches in length and a 2 inch girth. It's made from soft jelly rubber for a smooth sensuous feel. This is not a beginner’s dildo, this big boy requires lots of lubricant and big cock experience. Be sure to use a condom if you share jelly dildos or use them anally, then vaginally. Jelly sex toys have a wonderful feel but cannot be sterilized. If you only use it for vaginal stimulation on yourself, no problem. Use common sense and enjoy your sex toys.
Jelly Fat Boy graphic Jelly Fat Boy
If big fat dildos are your passion, let me recommend this big guy. He satisfies that deep craving with his 9.5 inch shaft and the fulfillment feeling with a full 2 inch girth. The shaft is silky smooth and glides effortlessly in and out of vaginas and anuses. All you have to do is apply a few drops of lubricant on the head and shaft and lay back and enjoy. He is made from a soft sensuous jelly rubber with balls and a suction base. When you crave a big cock, reach for the Jelly Fat Boy and enjoy complete satisfaction, over and over. Order today and start experiencing more sexual pleasure than you ever dreamed of.
9 Inch Big Boy With Balls image 9 Inch Big Boy With Balls
We have had many requests for more big fat dildos made from latex, we're pleased to offer this high quality yet low price dildo to our inventory. He measures 9 1/2 inches long (that's insertable) and over 2.25 inches thick, with big balls for a great handle. He has realistic veins, a ridged head and a suction cup base for hands free adventures. If you are experienced using large dildos, you know to use plenty of lubrication for maximum comfort and pleasure. This big boy is ready to please you, a few mouse clicks and he's on his way in discreet packaging.
Lexington Steele’s Real Black Cock image Lexington Steele’s Real Black Cock
Does your lover enjoy the feel of big fat dildos? If so, Lex's 11 inch long and 2 inch thick cock will certainly please her/him. It's made from a chocolate colored PleasureSkin™ material that has a realistic feel and is cast from his actual erect cock. The thick shaft is perfectly straight with a brown tip that feels so real. When you grip his firm balls, you'll think you have big Lex in your bed. Apply a generous amount of lube and slide down his long dark shaft until he's deep inside your aching pussy, then you'll know just how Lex would feel. You're gonna love it!! Use with a water based lubricant and lots of it.
John Holmes Dong image The John Holmes Dong
Even after John's death years ago, users of big fat dildos still remember him because of the size of his massive cock. The porn star is still very popular today, if you're not familiar with big John, you'll have to see it to believe how large he really was. You can own this exact replica that has every vein, curve and bulge. It is made from one of the most advanced lifelike materials called UR3. He is an awesome 12 inches long and just over 2 1/2 inches thick with a suction cup base that allows you to pleasure yourself in a variety of new positions. A convenient satin carrying bag is included. Don't forget to order extra lube!!
Kris Lord Supercock graphic Kris Lord Supercock
You're gonna love how this realistic dildo feels, whether you use him anally, vaginally or both, it will satisfy all your cravings. He measures 7.5 inches long, over 2.25 inches wide and 7.5 inches in circumference. Every one of those inches is covered with realistic veins for even more stimulating pleasures. The sturdy suction cup base sticks firmly to most smooth surfaces while you put this super dildo to work. The silicone made toy is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and extremely durable. It has all the attributes that big fat dildos should have for fulfillment of width and depth. Enjoy!!
Ken Ryker Supercock image Ken Ryker Supercock
There's a lot of vaginas and anuses that love the pleasures that big fat dildos provide, if you're one of them, you gotta try this supercock. The shaft measures 9.5 inches long, almost 2.7 inches thick and an amazing 8.5 inches in circumference. This realistic dildo will give you that special fulfilling sensation like nothing you’ve experienced before! Just get a standard Coke can and feel the girth, this big boy is almost 1/4 inch thicker, are you up to it. The raised veins along the silicone shaft provides extra stimulation when you put this monster to work. Made from hypoallergenic and easy-to-clean silicone, this supercock is bound become one of your favorites. Don't delay, order today and start enjoying more orgasms than ever before.
Sex toys are made for one purpose, and that's to bring pleasure to the user. If you have inhibitions about using sex toys, get the courage to order just one and try it. It very well could bring you more sexual pleasure than you've ever experienced. My point is, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's best not to start with big fat dildos, start with a nominal size, get used to it and then increase the size if you desire. Make the effort!!!

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To get the most pleasure from your dildo, think about what you most want a dildo to do, provide a full feeling, rub your clitoris, deep penetration, double penetration, etc., then make your choice. The material they are created from plays a big part in the sensations they can provide. There are a variety of dildo types and each is designed for a particular purpose. The realistic dildo will suit a woman who wants her sex toy to be very similar to a real male penis. The suction-cup dildo allows the user to attach the sex toy to a flat surface making it possible to enjoy hands-free masturbation. The strap-on dildo is designed for being a part of harness wear and allows hand free use. The popular double-ended dildo is a sex toy with both ends designed for penetration. The material your dildo sex toy is made from makes a difference in your choice such as sensations in feel, lifespan of your toy, cost, cleaning, care and other things. Most are made from silicone, latex, plastic and jelly rubber, cyberskin and others, each one having its advantages and disadvantages. The most common use of the dildo sex toy is for female masturbation, mutual masturbation, getting ready for intercourse, helping a woman to achieve orgasm, pegging, lesbian sex and gay sex. There are many ways to use your dildo, explore and enjoy the sexual pleasures these toys can add to your sex life. To achieve even more pleasure from your sex toy don’t forget a good lubricant, arousal should be first before inserting your dildo and be slow for a more sensual pleasure. The fun and excitement can be fulfilling.