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Female Vibrators

Female vibrators come in hundreds of styles, types, sizes and colors, all designed to give pleasure to the user. The first vibrators were made from hard plastic and are still in demand, they are inexpensive and clean easily. Their popularity gave way to the soft jelly rubber vibes, this type has a great feel, transmits vibrations well and has a realistic feel when inserted. Now the sex vibrator is available in Cyberskin, Futurotic and UR3 types that have been recently developed with the most realistic feel of all. Read our guide to buying the perfect vibrator for you.
female vibrators image Black Velvet Clit Vibe
Female vibrators with a clitoris stimulator can provide clitoral and vaginal orgasms. This super soft vibe has a sensuous velvet feel that will send you over the edge. The slender 6 inch shaft is coated with a waterproof satiny finish that feels silky smooth inside your love tunnel. This little vibe is multi-speed for giving you extra stimulation on your love button for trembling orgasms in the tub, shower, or in your bed! You will want to add this sexy little black vibrator to your collection. It will become one of your favorites.
deep thrusting rabbit stroker sex vibrator graphic Deep Thrusting Rabbit Stroker
Do you enjoy multi functional female vibrators? If you do you will fall in love with the stroking rabbit. It thrusts, vibrates and rotates making it a pleasure to use. This supercharged little guy does most of the work for you so you can lay back, relax and really enjoy. Not only does the tip thrust in and out for a super realistic feel, its rotating pearls gives sensations that will send you to the world of orgasms. He measures a very nice 10.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in width making it a great size to do wonderful things with.
eves double trouble double penetrator image Eve's Double Trouble
Female vibrators that provide double penetration are fast becoming one of the most popular of all time. You will love the double penetration sensation that this unique vibe offers. Its front and backdoor action is great for yourself or with your lover. It measures 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick, the slim anal penis is only 6 inches long and less than 1 inch wide to provide great comfort. Both of its probes are made of a soft flexible jelly material and itís also waterproof.
midnight vibrator image Midnight Vibrator
Hereís an orgasmic tool that's 7 inch long and 1.5 inches wide, has a flexible tip with a curve that makes it perfect for G spot stimulation. It has a more powerful vibe at the base of the stimulator to offer you extra sensuous feel once it is in your vagina. As the flexible tip strokes you inside and the rippled base rubs against your clitoris your going to wonder how you ever did without him. This vibrator is whisper quite so you donít have the concern of bothering others when in use. Itís made of jelly rubber that gives it a great feel, one you can enjoy every day.
vibrator pink rabbit image Mini-Rabbit Rotating Vibe
Expect big time results from this small multi-speed Rabbit vibrator. Its rotating feature provides enormous pleasure to the G-spot, clitoral area as well as the vagina. It has a unique design, made of a soft jelly material, itís shaft is 5.5 inches long that rotates in tiny circles for wonderful G-spot stimulation. You will love the rabbit ears that gently flicker against your clit for over the top orgasms. The controller offers ten different functions with ten different levels of intensity along with five speeds. Needless to say this is a huge delight in a small package. Its soft to the touch feel makes it even more pleasing. A great vibrator to add to your collection.
Rabbit Rider sex Vibrator graphic Rabbit Rider Vibrator
There are many styles of female vibrators with the rabbit being among the most popular. The Rabbit Rider gives you the option of moving the rabbit ears anywhere on the shaft you prefer. His 6 inch shaft offers 5 different pulsating patterns and a separate speed control so that you can choose what will suite your own needs. This great vibrator is made from the life-like soft smooth Cyberskin material and itís designed to be used separately if you so desire. This is a vibe you're going to want in your toy box!! Wait until you feel what it can do for you..
blue dolphin vibrator image Blue Dolphin Vibe
This cute little waterproof female vibrator makes taking a bath a whole new experience. It is perfect to take with you for a dip in the bathtub, shower or hot tub, not bad in the bed either. It has a 6 inch long and 1 inch wide shaft that slides sensuously in and out with just a dab of lubricant. Simply twist the base to change the speed from low to high for extra stimulation. A very popular dildo vibrator that pleases the anus and vagina.
tongue vibrator image Tongue Vibrator
Want to try something different than the traditional female vibrators? Now you can take oral sex to new heights with this unique and amazing tongue vibrator! Itís soft silicone straps fit comfortably around your ears for a secure fit. The vibrations will go about their work leaving you free to tease your lovers clit or erection. It offers smooth soft quite vibrations and the nice versatility lets you play with a variety of tongue positions. It may be little but itís mighty and will give you and your partner pleasure that wonít soon be forgotten.
The electrically powered vibrator was invented in the 1880ís by doctors for treating women with hysteria. They became very popular and the home version began to appear soon after and became equally popular. More commonly known as body massagers, millions of vibrators have been sold to both men and women. With addition of the g spot and clitoral vibe it has given women a whole new way to achieve orgasms. It's hard to choose with so many female vibrators available, but the truth is, they will all make you feel good!!

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Sex toy vibrators are most widely used for massaging areas of the body such as the vagina, penis, anus, etc. They are used mostly by women while masturbating but men also enjoy them to expand their sensual experiences as well. They are a great way to add excitement to your sex life and help rid the everyday stress. Shopping for a vibrator can be fun as they come in such a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures. No doubt there is one that will suit your needs perfectly. The hands free clit vibrators are very small and meant to stimulate the clitoris. They fit in the handbag nicely and can go wherever you do and ready to please you at any time. The egg or bullet vibrator is very popular and can be used internally and externally. They are egg shaped and come with a multi-speed motor that offers a variety of vibration levels. You will want to try the dual vibrator that will offer stimulation of the anus and clitoris. They often come with gyrating heads and pearls that spin. A fun sex toy for your collection. The clitoral stimulators and G-spot sex toy vibrators are crafted especially for women and are widely used and enjoyed. Of course the rabbit vibrator will always be one of the most popular as it is designed to stimulate the clitoris and enter the vagina at the same time. They are fun to experiment with and great for sensual pleasures. The traditional vibrator will always be a favorite. They are straight, slim and have the shape of the male penis. Most offers the user different levels of vibration that is desired.