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Perfect Pussy

The Perfect Pussy?? It would be one that's always ready when you are, no complaining, no headaches and available at all times. A Pocket Pussy Masturbator meets all these requirements. Don't laugh if you think they won't get you off, you'll be surprised at how good these modern masturbators feel. With the invention of Cyberskin and other new life like materials, sex toys are far better than those of a few years ago.

perfect pussy image Cyberskin Stroker Triplets
You're going to want to try these triplets, they feel like the real deal. These soft stretchy little lovelies are more than ready when you are, they will never deny you and are eager to send you to new heights. A nice start would be the soft lush mouth with inviting pink lips, then maybe the deep purple pussy, then the appealing tight blue ass, they all look very inviting for a hard erect cock. They are made of the life-like fantastic Cyberskin material and are sure to bring you many hard orgasms, as close as we can get to having a pefect pussy. A nice water base lubricant will give them even more of that sensual feel you desire.

Pleasureskin vagina masturbator graphic Pleasure Skin Vagina
Whenever you're ready for a bedroom session, this Pleasure Skin Perfect Pussy will be anxious to get it on with you. This great masturbator is 7 inches in depth that will give you that nice thrusting experience. Apply a generous amount of water base lubricant before sliding into her inviting pussy then she is ready for you to thrust away. You will sense the hundreds of little pleasure ticklers that will give you that real feel. Another great feature is that the sleeve opens for easy cleaning. You may choose from either black or white, why not get one of each.
fleshlight masturbator image Fleshlight
The famous Fleshlight has sometimes been called the perfect pussy and is great to have around when your by yourself and horny. It is always more than willing to take you on and pleasure you at any time. It's super soft, very sexy smooth, and has an ample 8 inch deep love tunnel. This unique masturbator is inside of what appears to be a large flashlight, you simply unscrew the top and slide your lubricated hard member between the snug fleshy lush folds, then pleasure yourself to a super explosive orgasm. The outside casing means thereís no hand grip felt and that really adds to the sensation. This great masturbator is very easy to clean and comes with two sample packages of Astro Glide lubricant, also handy tips on use.
pussy to go masturbator graphic Pussy-To-Go
Are you a traveler staying at different hotels regularly? Do you get lonely and horny, do you wish for that perfect pussy to mysteriously knock on your door? Here's your answer, this Pussy to Go is a great masturbator to carry on those business trips. You will be safe with her and loyal at the same time. With this super-soft stroker in your pocket or luggage, all you need is a dab of lube and you're ready for sex anywhere, anytime. This great little masturbator is made of the life-like soft stretchy PassionSkin material, you will be amazed at how really real if feels. Why be stuck watching TV in the hotel room on those boring business trips when you can take your new best friend along? Donít forget to pack a tube of water base lubricant.
velvet touch masturbator image Velvet Touch Masturbator
If you try this Asian pussy, you'll never use that tired old hand again to jerk on your Johnson. Lube up and slip inside this velvety sensuous smooth pussy for a very exciting time, she is sure to cause you an orgasm. Its sleeve is super stretchy and is a very enticing deep pink color and will accommodate most any size cock. For a silky smooth feel use a water base lubricant. It comes with a sample bottle of talc that is good to put on your toy after it has been cleaned thoroughly. Keeps it smooth and supple.

Lanny Barby Pocket Pussy masturbator graphic Lanny Barby Pocket Pussy
You've watched Lanny Barby perform on screen and drooled over her perfect pussy and ass, well now they have made an exact replica them. You no longer have to imagine how it would be to spread her lovely legs. It is heart shaped and has a six inch love tunnel and best of all it is made from the life-like feel UltraRealistic material giving it that very realistic feel. To add to the exceptional pleasure it is lined with tiny ribs, the ol cock will love that. It is open ended to provide you with easy cleaning of your toy. Just lube up and have a super great go. A few mouse clicks and she will be on her way to visit you and arrive in discreet packaging.
ass pussy masturbator Tied & Tight Vaginal And Anal Stroker
Your choice, a piece of tight ass or luscious pussy. This super masturbator is soft, submissive and always ready to stroke your rock hard erection. Made of silky Passion Skin material, this life like masturbator is tight and a perfect pussy for hardcore vaginal and anal domination. Her skin soft 5 1/2 inch long shaft is textured and ribbed for your ultimate stroking pleasure, and is open-ended for easy clean-up. Take control whenever you're ready, she's always eager to get you off! Have you choice of either black or white, how about both?
realskin latin pussy masturbator image Real Skin Latin Pussy
The makers of this fantastic stroking masturbator assures us that we will enjoy hours of sexual pleasure and lots of orgasms. After trying it out I do believe they are right. Go ahead and try it yourself, put a generous amount of water base lubricant on and slip into this enticing Real Skin perfect pussy. For more stimulation, turn on the variable speed vibrating egg and explode inside your Latin pussy. You can't believe how good it feels wrapped around your throbbing cock. This is one you have to have in your collection.
Aria Giovanniís Vibrating Mouth graphic Aria Giovanniís Vibrating Mouth
Ok, so you know about Aria's super pussy and ass, how about a blow job from her beautiful mouth. She has a rotating and vibrating tongue that never gets tired. Her mouth is made from SoftTouchô and she feels so real when used with water-based lube! The multi speed tongue vibrator will send chills down your rod until you explode in her mouth. The new type material has a realistic feel that you won't believe, try her, you won't be disappointed. Always clean your sex toys thoroughly after each use and they will give you many hours of pleasure.
The older rubber masturbators of just a few years ago are light years behind the modern day sex toys. New materials like Cyberskin, Futurotic and UR3 have a life like feel so when you slip your cock inside you'll feel ridges and nodules for a realistic feel, you'll be cumming quicker than you wanted to. It might just be as close to a perfect pussy as you're ever going to get, try one and see for yourself!!

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For those of us who enjoy our sex toys we know how important it is to keep them clean. It takes very little effort, a clean towel and warm soapy water does the trick. If you use your sex toy anally you should use a little more effort and clean thoroughly using an antibacterial soap or use condoms. It is best to clean them as soon as possible after each use and never put off cleaning your sex toy until the next day. There are special cleaners made for sex toys that you might enjoy using. It is important to dry your toy with a soft, clean cloth after cleaning and if your toy is made from cyberskin, use a talc or corn starch to maintain their unique feeling. When you have thoroughly dried your toy, wrap it in a dry cloth and store in a cool, dry place. If any of your sex toys contain batteries and you donít plan to use them for longer than a week, you should remove the batteries, as they contain highly corrosive materials. Our sex toys can be long lasting if proper care is given. Sex lubes are a must for anyone who wants to enjoy sensual play and to make sex much more enjoyable. There are so many to choose from and many are designed for a particular purpose. Water-based lubes are usually the least irritating to the skin and are thin and stainless. They are latex friendly and are compatible with sex toys and latex condoms. The down side to the water based lube, they are not good for sex acts performed in water and they dry out quickly making it necessary to apply more at times. Oil-based lubes are great for those who love the creamy feel. Their disadvantage is they dissolve latex and should not be used with many sex toys and latex condoms. The silicone based lubes are great for those who love water play as they are waterproof and tend to retain lubrication for an extended period. Most are not compatible with latex and should not be used with the latex condom or sex toys made from latex or silicone. Anal sex lubes are designed for anal sex and are odorless, do not cause allergy, do not irritate tender tissue and make anal sex more enjoyable, especially when used with anal sex toys. They are great for anal sex, since the anus does not have natural lubrication. There are warming lubes tasty sex lubes for oral sex, as well as erection aid creams. Sex lubes reduce frictions making vaginal intercourse especially pleasing, feeling like the perfect pussy. Itís always a good idea to use a lube with dildos and vibrators to make them glide easier. Use lubes with clitoral stimulation and when stimulating the nipples especially if tender.