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Realistic Dildo

A realistic dildo has all the characteristics of a real penis, balls, veins, head, etc., natural feeling dildos give that life like sensation anytime you have the urge. There's a great selection of sizes, texture and colors available.

realistic dildo image So Real 6” Realistic Dildo
Here's a superb dildo you can use alone or enjoy with your lover, he'll add plenty of excitement to your love making. It's a hand crafted realistic dildo made from a new type material that has a very lifelike feel. He quickly warms to your body temperature when he's inserted, boy does he feel real!!! He's 6 inches long and 1.75 inches thick with a suction cup base that holds it in place on almost any smooth surface. Use his balls as a great handle giving you complete control as you thrust in an out. He's going to cause you to have one orgasm after another, are you up to that much pleasure?

natural feeling dildos image Pleasure Skin Realistic Dong
How many times have you wished for a cock that you could have anytime you wanted, there’s no reason not to own a lifelike realistic dildo! This big boy has a head that looks and feels real, not to mention his balls and the ripple veins on the shaft. It measures 7 inches long and 2 inches thick, a very fulfilling and satisfying size. You can stick the suction cup base on almost any surface for a hands free sexual adventure.
Ultra Skin™ 6 Ultra Skin™ 6" Realistic Dong
You're home alone, horny as hell and not one hard cock anywhere. Never be without again, this 6 inch long and 1.25 inch wide cock will take care of any sex cravings you might have any time you have an urge. He's made of a new revolutionary material that truly has a lifelike feel, you'll swear some dude has slipped his cock in your pussy or ass. It's best not to share your sex toys, especially if it's used anally, if you do, be sure to use condoms to stay safe. There's a sample of powdered lubricant included to keep it soft and smooth while not in use. Lube up and have a few orgasms, its healthy!!
cyberskin dream cock graphic Cyber Skin Dream Cock
You're going to go nuts over this hefty realistic dildo that's 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. It's made from the fabulous material called Cyberskin that's generally regarded as having the most lifelike feel of anything on the market. It takes a bit more care but boy is it worth it, included are use and care instructions. The Dream Dick is enjoyed by thousands of satisfied users, won't you join them? You won't regret it!!!
Sean Michael’s realistic dildo image Sean Michael’s Supercock
Sean Michael is a super star and a big favorite with a lot of our XXX video customers. You're not alone if you've ever fantasized about having sex with this stud, well we're all in luck, they've made a replica of his massive manhood. He measures 11 inches long and 2.25 inches thick with a big set of balls. This big realistic dildo was cast directly from Sean's giant cock with every detail including veins, bulges and curve. You'll need to have plenty of water base lube on hand so if you're low, order extra, you'll want to get this big dildo slick. You asked for a big quality dildo, here you go..
8 inch realistic dildo image 8-Inch Realistic Cock
There's a very good reason this big boy is called a realistic dildo, he's got all the features you want in a cock, he measures 8 inches long and 1 3/4 inches thick with a set of balls and a real looking head. The suction cup base will adhere to any smooth surface or it can be used with a loop mount strap on harness! Water based lubricants are recommended for a silky glide that will get you off many times. Choose beige or black.
large realistic dong graphic Vac-U-Lock Large Realistic Dildo
Enjoy this big guy either solo or with your lover, he comes equipped to fit any Vac U Loc system making it easy for strap on activities. As soon as you see how real it feels, you'll want to slide him in your throbbing vagina or anus. It has a natural skin color with veins on the shaft and a nice set of nuts. He measures a generous 7.25 inches long and 2.25 inches thick giving a satisfying and full feeling. Grab a tube of lubricant and enjoy.
Hispanic Dong image Hispanic Dong
You get a South of the border treat with this deluxe realistic dildo that measures 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. He's made with soft latex with a beautiful bronze color that has the look and feel of a real fleshy penis. You can expect hours of pure pleasure while using this super dildo. Place the handy suction cup base on any smooth flat surface for a no hands outing. All you need is a bit of water based lube and let your fantasies go south of the border for exciting sex.
Do you ever come home from work all bummed out? We all let stress put us in bad moods and that tends to affect our family life. I believe one of the very best stress relievers are good orgasms. If you have a partner and he/she isn't in the mood, grab a sex toy and enjoy the pleasures of solo masturbation. For him a good masturbator would take care of business, for her, a quality realistic dildo would have her enjoying multiple orgasms. Try it and see how well it works.

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Dildos are one of the most widely used sex toy and there are hundreds to choose from making it fun when shopping for that favorite one. They are used for oral, anal and/or vaginal penetration. Some are very life like complete with veins and testicles and some of the newer ones have an array of shapes and are a true work of art. Realistic dildos come in many different sizes from finger slim to as wide as a fist. They are available in several different materials, some being easy to care for and others taking a little more effort. Whatever your choice, a sex toy dildo can add much pleasure to your bedroom fun. There is evidence that the use of dildos go back as far as the fourth century and were made of wood, leather and stalks, and used by women and men alike. There are many reasons why dildos are so popular, good vaginal therapy, sexual fulfillment, visual and mental stimulation, exploration, oral sex and safe sex just to name a few. Using a dildo allows you to express your sexuality, resulting in better self esteem and being happier. If you are a first time buyer of a dildo sex toy choosing one can be almost overwhelming as there are so many. One might ask, what size is good for me, and that alone will eliminate many. The feel you desire is most important. Those made from silicone will give that smooth and firm sensation and are easy to clean and disinfect. If you want one that has that flexible life like feel those made from cyberskin are an excellent choice. They take a little more care in cleaning but worth the effort. There are those that are made from a jelly rubber material and are preferred by many users. Cleaning your realistic dildo sex toy before and after use is so very important to prevent bacterial infections. Condoms can also add that extra protection.