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Women Sex Toys

Women sex toys are far superior compared to yesteryear, technology advanced materials like Cyberskin have tremendously improved dildos and vibrators. Remember when we had to go to a porn store to buy vibrators and dildos, and wondering who was going to see us in the store? Thankfully, today all we have to do is make a few mouse clicks and our order is on its way promptly and in discreet packaging. Shop our store and see what's on sale today, there's always bargains available. It's your right to own a sex toy for woman, don't be afraid to try something new, enhance your sex life. Use em' and enjoy!!

women sex toys image

Rotating G-spot Rabbit
Enjoy the thrill women sex toys can provide, take advantage of the new and improved products like our new rotating G spot Rabbit vibrator. We had many request for a rotating vibe that provides G spot and clitoral stimulation, and we've responded with the very popular Rabbit vibrator that now has a rotating G-spot shaft. The shaft measures 7 inches long with a special curve designed to reach the sensuous G spot. Wait until you feel the soft jelly rabbit ears gently massaging your clit, get ready for multiple orgasms. There's a 7 speed controller that has pulsation as well as 6 rotation speeds for the shaft. Designed exclusively as a sex toy for women to enjoy.

woman sex toy image

Remote Control Egg
One of the simplest yet most effective women sex toys is the egg vibrator (sometimes called a bullet). Add in a remote control and you've got an orgasm machine. No matter who might be holding the remote, this wireless vibrating egg will add fresh excitement to your sex play. The small size of an egg vibe gives you the option to carry it anywhere, to work, when traveling or just around the house. The big difference in this little fellow is the remote control, keep the remote in your pocket and of course the egg where it does the most good. Add this little pleasure vibe to your collection for pure pleasure.

clitoral vibrator image 5X G-Spot Hot Handle
Ladies you're going to wanna try this new 6 inch vibrating stimulator that's designed to excite your clitoris and G spot at the same time. Two separate vibes, one in the egg at the g-spot tip and another at the clitoral stimulator. It delivers 5 vibrating sensations with a powerful, easy to use dual motor controller. The raised nubs against your clitoris will send you into orbit with one orgasm after another. A new material called Cyber silicone is soft, hygienic, bacteria resistant, retains body heat and clean up is a snap. Women sex toys are designed to bring you pleasure, all you have to do is lube up and enjoy.
nipple suckers image Vibrating Nipple Suckers
Nipples and the clitoris are primary erogenous zones for this small vibe, it's ready to tease, stimulate and play with nipples, suck them, brush and vibrate to ecstasy! Place the suction cups on each nipple to enjoy the powerful vibes, you'll also feel the soft brushes inside the cups that create an intense pleasure on your nipples. There are multiple speeds of vibration for an exciting adventure every time. More and more women sex toys are being developed, take advantage of the technological advancement and enjoy all that's available to you.
pocket rocket graphic Wonder Wand Pocket Rocket
The famous Pocket Rocket has been a favorite among women sex toys for years. Now you can have an assortment of attachments to add even more exciting orgasms. Have you ever been on the verge of a strong orgasm and the vibrator attachment fell off, I think most of us have been there. Thankfully with the all new 5 inch Pocket Rocket that will never happen again, each of its four attachments securely locks into place. It's also totally waterproof to make those baths and showers more fun!
vibrating suction tongue image Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue
Women sex toys have been taken to a new and exciting level with this vibrating clit massager, it's a multiple orgasmic devise that was especially designed for our ladies. Use the suction cup base on almost any smooth surface so your hands can explore other sensitive areas. Gently squeeze the hand held bulb and feel the sucking sensation on your Labia and the tantalizing two inch tongue as it licks your clit with a gentle vibration. Use the multi speed controller to find the speed that's perfect for you. You're gonna cum, it's just a matter of how many times during each session.
jennas strap on harness graphic Jenna's Harness
Now you can experience the same pleasures that Jenna does with this strap on that's also equipped with an anal stimulator. This beautiful 6 piece kit comes with a clear strap on harness, 2 silver Vac U Lock plugs, a 4 inch and a 5 1/2 inch iridescent anal plug, and a 6 inch crystal clear strap-on dildo with balls. It has an adjustable harness that will adjusts up to a 44 inch waist, the Vac-U-Lock attachments stays securely in place plus it's easy to interchange dildos and dongs. Itís the only strap-on that Jenna uses, I bet it will become your favorite as well, order one for you and your lover to enjoy.
Isn't it great to have the opportunity to order sensitive merchandise discreetly, until the internet that wasn't possible. Now a few mouse clicks and we can order almost anything imaginable. Don't be afraid to try new sex toys, anything that brings pleasure is worth having. Women sex toys are available in a wide assortment of products, find your favorite, then use and enjoy.

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Take your time while shopping for that perfect dildo, it can be a fun experience and the excitement of using it even more so. To get the most pleasure out of your new toy, you will most likely want to use a good lubricant since they do not have natural lubrication. There are so many great lubricants on the market to choose from and many designed just for sex toys. If you are a first time dildo user it is good to stimulate your erogenous zones for arousal before inserting your dildo. Do not hurry, go slow, otherwise insertion might be uncomfortable. The main thing is to have fun, experiment, and enjoy the many orgasms your sex toy dildo can offer. There are dildos that are designed for a particular purpose. The realistic dildo will resemble the male penis and some are even molded from replicas of porn stars. Suction cup dildos have a great advantage as they can be placed on a smooth surface and the user can have free hands to explore other areas. Strap on dildos are to be used with a harness and again for hands free use. This is a super sex toy for couples who want to enhance their sexual play. The double-ended sex toy dildo is enjoyed by lesbians as well as heterosexuals, as both ends are designed for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration or to be used jointly with a lover. Another important aspect when shopping for your sex toy dildo is the material it is made from. They will influence such important issues as sensual feel, lifespan of your toy, cost as well as care. They will be offered in silicone, rubber, latex, jelly and others. Each will have their good and bad points. There is one that will give you hours of sexual pleasure and gratification. Make a choice and enjoy!!!